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Suhas Bhujbal in New Museum Los Gatos Exhibition

JNG artist Suhas Bhujbal has been included in the exhibition Abstracts From Life: Bay Area Figurative Past and Present at the New Museum Los Gatos.  This group exhibition investigates the genesis of the Bay Area Figurative movement and features several generations of artists, including contemporary artists working locally and internationally (including Richard Diebenkorn, Nathan Oliveira, Joan Brown and Terry St. John.)  The exhibition will run through September 10.

Brenda Mallory Exhibition at Portland Art Museum

Brenda Mallory’s installation entitled Recurring Chapters in the Book of Inevitable Outcomes will be on display through October 2017.  Her work is inspired by Cherokee history, and addresses ideas of disruption, repair, and renewal.  Working with waxed cloth, steel, nuts and bolts, the installation consists of tall shapes resembling charred timbers or skeletal plant stalks surrounded by colorful, lively spore-like forms. The ruin-like floor pieces speak to what was left behind, but the resilience and hope shows in the spore-like forms that scatter across the walls and floor like blowing seeds. 

Gary Komarin Joins Julie Nester Gallery

We are very pleased to have added Gary Komarin to the gallery roster. Komarin is a contemporary abstract painter who presents a bold and colorful style. He has exhibited extensively throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia, and his work can be found in many museum, corporate and private collections. The art critic, Kenneth Baker, wrote "Komarin gets paintings that vibrate with historical memory, echoing such things as Matisse's most driest empty pictures, Robert Motherwell's sparen abstractions of the 1970's, or the early New Mexico and Berkeley paintings of Richard Diebenkorn."

See Gary Komarin's paintings here

gary komarin