Brad Overton interviewed in Western Art and Architecture


"I believe the best art comes out of deliberate practice and discipline mixed with a willingness to trust yourself as an artist and a human being," states Utah artist Bradford Overton.  In his richly detailed paintings, we discover he is a master of mystery and a weaver of spells as he explores beauty and narrative with original style.

Rider on the Storm III_40x36_500.jpg

Gary Komarin Joins Julie Nester Gallery

We are very pleased to have added Gary Komarin to the gallery roster. Komarin is a contemporary abstract painter who presents a bold and colorful style. He has exhibited extensively throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia, and his work can be found in many museum, corporate and private collections. The art critic, Kenneth Baker, wrote "Komarin gets paintings that vibrate with historical memory, echoing such things as Matisse's most driest empty pictures, Robert Motherwell's sparen abstractions of the 1970's, or the early New Mexico and Berkeley paintings of Richard Diebenkorn."

See Gary Komarin's paintings here

gary komarin

Vanessa Marsh Photographs Featured in SFO Museum

vanessa marsh sfo

The photographs in visual artist Vanessa Marsh’s series Everywhere All At Once are mysterious and dream-like, made through a personally developed process involving drawing, painting, and darkroom techniques. Marsh delineates pictorial space by layering multiple two-dimensional planes to create a minimalistic, graphic aesthetic. The work provides a space for the viewer to contemplate their place in the universe and to consider how what is real and what is truth is understood in contemporary experiences.

See Vanessa Marsh's photographs here