JNG Participates in Utah Climate Week

Utah Climate Week (October 8-14) was created by the Utah Climate Action Network as a time designated to inspire and support conversation about the climate change issues in Utah. The Park City Summit County Arts Council has joined with art galleries throughout Park City to activate the arts and raise awareness of Utah Climate Week. JNG will be featuring select work by Brenda Mallory which was created from recycled materials. Mallory's creative process has been focused for many years on use of found and recycled scrap materials. The four featured artworks by Mallory were created from materials as diverse as linen firehoses, drive belts and corrugated packing material. The artworks will also be featured within a virtual gallery on the PC Arts Council web site. See Brenda's artwork here.

Firehose Experiment #6, 2016, Linen firehose, paint, hog rings, 48 x 38 x 1.5_e.jpg