tor archer bio

"I work primarily from the solitary, standing female form as a representation of the life giving, nurturing and creative force of Nature and the archetypal association of the female body with the earth.  I think of these figures as akin to religious iconography and objects of veneration.  In the creation of the work I take inspiration from the direct observation of the natural world, both microcosmic and macrocosmic. 

 Many of these observations are from the botanical world.  The structure of twigs and branches, of roots, the veins of a leaf, looking up through the canopy of a tree, the way vines intertwine or the way plant matter is woven into a bird’s nest.  It is these elemental forms that I aim to translate into figurative form.  I work with copper for its malleability and history as an archaic metal known for its conductivity on an energetic level."