THEA SCHRACK is a photographer with a magical quality to her work. Fascinated with water and landscapes, she produces romantic, mysterious imagery and aspires to capture the essence of each subject, bringing it into a new existence. The images in her latest series, SeaGlass, are abstract in nature and capture waves in various levels of intensity and color. Thea describes the new series in this way, "Standing on the edge of the ocean at dawn watching the movement of the color of the waves I am transfixed by the translucence of water shining like sea glass. The changing quality of water has consumed me for over a decade, from rivers to ponds and most recently the ocean. There is something in the filmic idea of slow-motion captured in still photography so that what you see out of the corner of your eye becomes abstract that makes me spend hours and days running to beaches around the continent tracking this vibrant subject matter."

The medium in her other series' is color photography, printed with archival inks.  The photograph is mounted on birch panel and then covered with a number of layers of encaustic wax.  Encaustic wax is a combination of beeswax, resin and pigment for color.

She took her BFA in photography at the San Francisco Art Institute, has worked consistently as a professional photographer. Her work can be found in many distinguished collections.