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TERESA KALNOSKAS' abstract paintings have a fluid, energetic style and a rich, lush color palette. Teresa uses oil paints combined with alkyds and wax, which allow her to layer, glaze and scratch into the surface of the paintings.

In describing her latest work Teresa writes, "In the winter of 2017, I embarked on an inward journey of working in solitude on the Point Reyes Peninsula, California where nature’s duality of contrary forces are invariably present. That journey lead to Opus, a set of compositions and a worship of beauty in chaos. These paintings seek to interpret the morphic resonance and harmony that cannot always be grasped physically and can be explosive even in silence.

Opus addresses gravity, graceful falling and temporary suspension, a significant shift in movement from prior works. The object is not the end, but a departure for giving narrative to our human condition through simultaneous movement and pause. Its exoskeleton has been stripped away leaving pure energy. I am increasingly drawn to those works which define the universal in the particular."