"I see these compositions each as a metaphor for the resolutions we so often make in our lives: The times we might want to shy away from a daunting task, or a seemingly unreachable dream, and instead we take a deep breath and set to work, day after day, hour after hour, making one mark after another in hopes that they will amount to something in the end. When our plans don't go as expected and we choose to switch gears, set new expectations, reorganize and regroup. When we stop to take a look at what our life, our work, our efforts have become and realize that the disappointments and interruptions along the way only made the journey and outcome more beautiful than we imagined in the first place.

 My painting process has evolved in many ways over the years, but has been influenced most heavily by the welcomed limitations that come from motherhood and my domestic roles. Where it once seemed I would have to put creativity on hold for an era, I have learned methods for making marks and layering paint as I balance my responsibilities at home and as an artist. I slip into the studio during nap time, grandma time, and late into the night. I break down compositions into manageable parts, then puzzle and rework them until they each find purpose and place. I embrace the repetition I find at home and in my studio, and have come to realize that even the tiniest marks can accumulate into significant works of art.

 Every composition here has reached a resolution. The final outcome is never what was first intended, yet is discovered through a lengthy and labored "patch & repair" process, where harmony and discord, construction and deconstruction, questioning and answering are all vital in discovering the image's full potential and form."