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marshall crossman
marshall crossman studio

"After painting for over 30 years, I am still fascinated by the alchemy & expression of paint. Primarily I am a studio painter working in oil on canvas. Oil paint is a very elastic medium with rich color, which will stay wet for several days. I work wet into wet, using brushes and pieces of cardboard to move the paint. I am constantly exploring the canvas’s surface. My painting process allows for a lot of spontaneity in both paint handling and color. I begin a painting with a basic concept, and wander through many stages of paint action and destruction before arriving at a finish that feels resolved.

When I relocated to San Francisco in 1977, I was influenced by the Bay Area figurative painters. I paint the figure abstracted by motion, water and emotion. I work in a series, often working on several paintings from different series at the same time.

My paintings evolve from the fluid stream of my conscious and subconscious mind. The viewer is free to enjoy the painting’s imagery, color, & surface texture or go deeper into their emotional response."