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john helton

"My sculptures are a celebration of joy, beauty, and the elegance of interacting motion.  

My work contemplates the notion that our world is comprised of an infinite web of forces, conditions and patterns swirling around us; interacting and affecting each other at any given moment. My sculptures are a visual metaphor for the symphony of energy created by this web.  

Even as a child, I have always been curious about the world and how things work. From the moment I learned in 8th grade science class that matter can neither be created nor destroyed, I became intensely curious about the unseen inner realm of Nature. I realized there is more to our world than what we see and experience.

Everything is connected. Everything is in motion. This dynamic creates an ever-evolving rhythm and balance. The intent of my sculptures is to capture a moment in the space-time continuum and show the grace and beauty of what can seem like only arbitrary chaos.

Driven by curiosity, inspired by science, I create art to enable the viewer to participate in a celebration of the vast collaboration of our complex world." -John Helton, 2016