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Gary Komarin, "Swimming Pink"

Wide Water Lantana_72x120e.jpg

Gary Komarin is considered a modern master in post painterly abstraction. His stalwart images have an epic quality that grips the viewer with the idea that he or she is looking at a contemporary description of something timeless. Komarin has exhibited extensively throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia. He recently returned from a solo museum exhibition at the Musee Kiyoharu in Japan. His paintings have been exhibited alongside work by Jean-Michael Basquiat, Philip Guston, Bill Traylor and Robert Motherwell. Click here to see the available paintings.

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to Aug 29

Carol O'Malia, "Jump"


In this series of paintings, Carol O'Malia, is capturing the joy of play - boys running off of docks and jumping from diving boards. The figures are placed in the foreground and are painted in a realistic manner, while the background is kept in a loose style. The figures are all in motion yet the paintings are very still. There will be an opening reception on July 28, 6-8PM.  See all of Carol's paintings here.

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to Jul 25

"Quiet", New Paintings by Chris Gwaltney

Chris Gwaltney is a painter from Southern California.  He paints in a lush style, combining areas of abstraction with loose figurative elements.  He experiments with sensuous surface finishes, compiling multiple layers of paint and oil stick that show drips and various markings.  Gwaltney’s paintings are open ended; the style is free and unfinished which allows the viewer to fill in the essence of each story. The opening reception will be June 30, 6-8PM. See all of Chris' paintings here.

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to Jun 27

"Tranquility": A.J. Oishi & Thea Schrack


This two-person exhibition will include paintings by A.J. Oishi and photographs by Thea Schrack.  Oishi's calm and peaceful paintings are created by compiling thousands of small dots. The circular designs that are common throughout her work symbolize individuals and their journey towards a more healthful, conscious life. Schrack's "Sea Glass" ocean-scape photographic series captures the essence of motion, wind and water.

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to Mar 28

Stephen Foss, "New Paintings"

Stephen Foss is widely known for the visually rich surface finish and color that show a return to heavily worked finishes in contemporary painting. The latest body of work combines organic elements with aspects of abstraction. Foss applies paint in numerous layers; he then works the surface to allow sublayers and carefully prepared groundwork to peek through the top layer.  This results in paintings with varied colors and great depth.  Join us for the opening reception on February 25, 4-7PM.

See all of the paintings here.

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to Feb 21

Rebecca Reeve, "Marjory's World"

The photographs in "Marjory's World" were shot on location in Southern Utah and Joshua Tree, CA; in composing the photographs Reeve finds dramatic vistas and then places curtains at the edges of the frame which gives the sense of viewing the scenery through a window.  Reeve says, "In our increasingly urban existence that ever distances us from the wilderness experience, the drapes serve as visual connectors to the familiar."

See the available photographs here.

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to Jan 17

David Levinthal, "The Wild West"

This exhibition combines images from the The Wild West (1988-89), which were shot on a Polaroid 20x24 Land Camera, and archival pigment prints from History (2014). The images are inspired by the romance and grandeur of 1950’s Western television and film.  Join us for the artist reception on December 30, 6-8PM.  See the available photographs here.

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to Mar 18

Philip Buller: Ice

In this solo exhibition, Philip Buller evokes the nostalgia of winters past, of childhood memories playing in the snow and rhythmic, figures skating across the surface of the canvas. His repetitive cast of characters, carefully rendered and abstracted, are a delight to behold. 

philip buller ice
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