AUDRA WEASER’s abstracted, organic paintings reference those places where rivers or streams may be traversed as well as to mental states of pause or reflection.

The paintings themselves suggest watery scenes pierced by light; there is a vibratory contrast between elements that shimmer with recognition yet remain elusive.   And it is there where viewers may find themselves with a heightened feeling of awareness.

To achieve this effect, she starts by building layers of paint over loose charcoal sketches.  As the composition emerges, she refines it to a certain point, then obscures it with a veil of white until the initial colors disappear.  From there, she excavates through the layers to reveal the final balance of color and form.

Audra was raised in Southern California and lives and works in Los Angeles.  She earned her M.F.A in painting from Claremont Graduate University and has exhibited extensively since then.  Her work is in private and public collections throughout the world—from New York and San Francisco to Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi and Singapore.